Rehearsal dates for 2019

  • We have 16 meetings PLUS 2 Singing Day workshops planned for 2019.
  • Most meetings are at St Thomas Church Hall BN7 2AH
  • 2 meetings (7 April & 13 October) are at St Michael’s Church, Lewes BN7 1XU – there is on-street parking, plus limited space in the Westgate Car Park BN7 1YG, and ample space in the County Hall Car Park BN7 1UE. All these are FREE on a Sunday.
  • There are two meetings in the months of April, June, August and October.
  • January and July have a meeting AND the Singing Day workshop.
  • In all the remaining months, there is just one rehearsal.

Sunday 13 January
Saturday 26 January: Winter Singing Day at St Thomas Church Hall, Lewes
Sunday 24 February
Sunday 17 March (this has been changed from 24th March)
Sunday 7 April  (at St Michael’s Church, Lewes)
Sunday 28 April
Sunday 19 May
Sunday 9 June
Sunday 30 June
Sunday 14 July
Saturday 27 July: Summer Singing Day (at St Michael’s, Lewes)
Sunday 11 August
Bank Holiday Monday 26 August: annual visit to Hamsey Church
Sunday 29 September
Sunday 13 October (at St Michael’s, Lewes)
Sunday 27 October
Sunday 24 November
Sunday 8 December