January 2014 Workshop links to Sheet music and Audio recordings

Thanks to David Brand who has sourced both downloadable copies of the works we are going to sing on the workshop day, as well as audio recordings – so you may do some advance preparation if you wish.

As we will not be allocating voice parts or choirs in advance of the day, if you want to choose which part you would like to sing (and study in advance), please do so and make it clear to me on the day, or leave a comment below on this blogpost, so that I know. I hope you wont all learn the same part!

Here is a performance of Gabrieli 12-part Gloria on Youtube

and here is the score

Here is a performance of Hassler 12-part Cantate Domino

(Choir 3 played by brass)

Here it is again, but with a score to follow along with, as well as interesting triangle part!

And here is the full score of Hassler 12 part Cantate Domino score

Hassler 4-part Cantate Domino perfomance on Youtube

and the score of Hassler 4 part Cantate Domino

Walmisley in D-minor – Magnificat: performance with built-in choral score!

Walmisley in D-minor –  Nunc dimittis: performance with built-in choral score!

Full score of Walmisley in D minor Mag & Nunc


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